• Strategic Auction Consultation
  • Volunteer Coordination and Training
  • Auction Administration
  • Banking and Registration Management
  • Express Pay System Management
  • Computer Network Rental  
  • Auction Software training and assistance
  • Catalog Writing and Production
  • Timeline Development  
  • Venue and Vendor Research and Contracts
  • Assistance with records and financial reconciliation post auction
  • Post auction analysis  


  • Fundraising Breakfast or Luncheon
  • Donor Recognition Events
  • Awards Banquets

Specialty Services Available  

Event Banking and Registration Support 

During the auction you will want your key volunteers interacting with guests.  If you are unable to recruit enough volunteers skilled in the use of the auction software, we can provide some or all of data entry/customer service experts needed to keep things running smoothly.   We can also provide a network of computers and printers.

Computer and Printer Network Rental
In conjunction with our event management we can bring our computer network to run your auction.  Let us take this stressful element off your list and save you the cost and hassle of working with another vendor or taking your whole office apart.  You will have all your data ready to go Monday morning before the phone starts to ring.